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DRUM 60th

The beat goes on

DRUM 60 is a limited edition collector’s item celebrating 60 years of DRUM magazine, an iconic South African publication. It contains stories on writers such Henry Nxumalo, Nat Nakasa, Todd Matshikiza and Can Themba who all wrote for DRUM in the 1950s. Read about the issues covered by the magazine over the years from race to forced removals to politics and news to life in Sophiatown, including an article written by former president Nelson Mandela in 1952. The magazine contains well-known images taken by DRUM photographers such as Alf Kumalo, Peter Magubane and Jürgen Schadeberg. These pictures cover diverse subjects such as the Sharpeville massacre funerals, 1950s gangsters and singers Dolly Rathebe and Miriam Makeba.DRUM, Sophiatown, South Africa, history, forced removals, politics, Dolly Rathebe, Henry Nxumalo, Nat Nakasa, Can Themba, Bob Gosani, Alf Kumalo, Peter Magubane, Miriam Makeba, Dolly Rathebe, Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, 1950, Africa, jazz, Soweto

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language: English
country : South Africa
Publisher: Media 24 Ltd
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